Technical felts

EXPERT supplies OEM qualities for textile machines worldwide.
Below are some examples from our production range:

• Endless needled felts for decatizing machines, e.g. machines from:
Biella Schrunk, Bisio, Fité, Hemmer, Marther, Menschner, m-tec, Sperotto Rimar.

• Endless silicone felts, e.g. for the following machines:
Contipress, Superfinish, Conticrab and Minicrab.

• Endless needled sanforizing felts, e.g. for sanforizing machines from:
Albrecht, Arbach, Bitexma, Butterworth, Ferraro, Fongs, Foster, Heliot, Hunt & Moscop, Kiefer, Kyoto, Lafer, Mather & Platt, Monforts, Monti, Morrison, Muzzi, Tepa, Santex, Sperotto, Tubilar, Tung Sching, Wakayama and Weiss.

• Endless compacting felts for shrink dryers, e.g. for machines from:
m-tec, A. Monforts, Brückner.

• Endless needled transfer printing felts, e.g. for the following machines:
Bates, Bizmak, Fontanet, Gessner, Klieverik, Lemaire, Monti, Perkins, STM and Stork.

• Endless Nomex felts with silicone coating

• Lubricating felts, cut to size, e.g. for machines from Xetma Vollenweider

• Endless felts for Polrotor machines / pile lifting and shearing, e.g. for machines from Xetma Vollenweider.