PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Teflon®
Aramide Fabrics / Acrylic Fabrics and Silicone-Coated Fabrics

PTFE-coated fabrics
PTFE-coated fibreglass fabrics / foils, with or without self-adhesive coating
PTFE-coated open mesh fabrics

Silicone-coated fabrics
Silicone-coated fabrics have a rubber property in the coating material and are thus a very good alternative to PTFE-coated fabrics

Areas of Use:
Textile industry
Baking industry
General food industry
Automotive industry

Products for finishing fabrics and warp-knitted fabrics
PTFE-coated conveyor belts
PTFE-coated aramide fabrics
Polyester fabrics for stenter frames, shrink dryers, steamers and continuous dryers for printed fabrics

Kier decatizing and finish decatizing
Acrylic fabrics
Aramide fabrics